Theatre Workshops

You may choose three workshops as part of the residency. Up to 12 additional workshops can be purchased for an additional cost of $75.00/workshop. CSA also offers Daylong Residencies of Theatre Workshops, separate from the weeklong residency program. Below is a listing of workshops being offered this year. Please schedule workshops prior to our arrival.


Creative Movement #2

dream rehearsal


Workshop 1

Workshop 2
Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Creative Dramatics Grades K-3 (maximum 25 students)
Students participate in creating plays out of stories and songs.


Shakespeare for Kids! Grades 2-4 (20-30 students maximum)
A participation workshop that introduces the works of the Bard to younger children.


Creative Movement Grades 1-12

Modified for specific Grade level (maximum 25 students) Children learn how bodies move and how to use that movement on stage to help create character.


Stage Skills Grades 3-6 (maximum 50 students)

Introduce students to the basic skills all actors use.


Mime Grades 4 and up (maximum 50 students)

Beginning mime skills for younger students and more advanced body movement and awareness for older students.


Concentration Exercises Grades 3 and up (maximum 50 students) Specialized work in concentration and focus skills.


Improvisation Grades 6 and up (30 optimum, maximum 50 students)

Students will participate in improvisational games and exercises to create original scenes.


Theatre Games Grades 5 and up (maximum 50 students)

A sampling of theatre games as warm-ups, focus and team building exercises.


Technical Theatre Middle School and up (30 optimum, maximum 50 students)

Explore the creative and artistic skills required for technical aspects of theatre.


Make-up Grades 3 and up (20 – 30 students maximum)

A demonstration workshop covering the basics of theatrical make-up.


Shakespeare Grades 8 and up (20-30 students maximum)

An advanced workshop geared to the interests of the participating group.


Radio Plays Grades 4 and up (20-30 students maximum)

Specialized workshop in which students create audio plays from classic radio shows.


Oral Interpretation Grades 9-12 (30 optimum, maximum 50 students)

Specialized workshop in oral interpretation skills.