The Sword Called Excalibur

Premiered 1999


“The Sword Called Excalibur” is a musical comedy based on the legends of young King Arthur’s life. It tells the story of the enchanted sword, its protection from capture and how young Arthur came to claim it as his own.


The play begins as a group of hard working villagers and neighboring forest creatures hail the arrival of the troubadour. The troubadour begins a tale, which magically transports the village back in time. The story comes to life as the young actors take on the roles of wizards and knights. They will become Sir Ector and his subjects, Morgan Le Fay and her scheming partners, young Arthur, young Kay and their trusty dog, Cabal. The play continues with forest creatures teaching Cabal lessons about curiosity, Merlin and his apprentice wizards training Arthur to be king, and a group of bandits living in Sherwood Forest showing Kay a thing or two about fairness. A festival and tournament carry the story to its end when Arthur draws the sword from the stone and is crowned King.


“The Sword Called Excalibur” is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the troubadour and Merlin.


Student roles include: Villagers, Knights and Pages, Wizards, King Uther, Sir Ector, Cabal (the dog), boy hood Arthur, boy hood Kay, Morgan Le Fay, Arsile and Maglore (companions to Morgan Le Fay), Arthur as a young squire, Kay as a young knight, Sherwood Bandits and a group of lively forest creatures played by the youngest actors. All CSA productions provide the opportunity for students to participate behind the scenes, in addition to acting roles, as assistant directors and technical crew.


Students grades K-12 should be encouraged to audition for all roles. Children to age 18 have had great experiences performing in all CSA shows.



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