The Fisherman and His Wife

Premiered 2000


A favorite Grimm’s fairy tale comes to life on the stage in an original adaptation of “The Fisherman and His Wife”. When Will, the fisherman, catches an enchanted fish it looks as if his luck has changed. The fish offers him the chance to have his dreams come true, but one wish leads to another and Will soon learns that if you have happiness you have everything you need.


“The Fisherman and His Wife” is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the Narrator/Dad and Wife/Narrator.


Student roles include: Emperor’s Subjects, Mayor’s Assistants, Two Magic Fish, Young Willy, Adult Will, Fishermen, a group of bad brothers called the Hooks, the young Prince, and a group of delicate Starfish played by the youngest actors.


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