The Emperor’s New Clothes

Premiered August 2007


Set in the frontier town of Royal City, The Emperor’s New Clothes is a new musical telling of the popular tale by Hans Christian Andersen, joined with the spirit of the American West.


While on a world tour the, clothes collecting, Emperor of Snobsylvania and his entourage stop for a visit in the railroad town of Royal City. The citizens of Royal City are star struck by the presence of real honest to goodness royalty and the Emperor is positively enchanted by the wardrobe of the American Cowboy. A pair of no good carpetbaggers take advantage of everyone by posing as tailors to swindle the Emperor by selling him non-existent clothes.


The town is giddy: caught up in the glamour of the royal visit and the antics of the swindlers. Ultimately everyone learns the lessons of standing up against peer pressure and using reason with good judgment to see the truth.


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