2 people – 70 kids. How???  You were very effective in controlling the children.

I’ve always wanted my students to have the opportunity to be on stage and Children’s Stage Adventures made it happen for us. What an opportunity for all youngsters to be “stars”! They all felt ready for Hollywood!


Tess Busswell, Principal

Wellington School, ME


Dear Rob and Lorrie,

Bravo!!! I could not let the survey completed by Nancy Childress go without adding my personal thanks for such a wonderful week long residency!! Please know that both parents and students are still talking about “Sword Called Excalibur” and about how wonderful you and Lorrie were to work with!! You both have a unique talent and gift in your ability to focus and motivate students to be so successful in such a short period of time.

Thank you again for providing our students with such a wonderful experience that will be remembered for years to come. We will meet again in the very near future!


Stephen K. O’Neil, Principal


Dear Children’s Stage Adventures:

This overdue note is an attempt at a huge thank-you for an incredible week! The school is still abuzz – teachers were amazed at all the talent on stage and one usually skeptical teacher told me all the students around her (5th – 6th graders) were “spellbound” by what they were watching! This was very high praise indeed from this particular teacher!

You two are fantastic – you brought these students together so skillfully! We can’t wait ‘til next fall!! One teacher wanted the committee to bring you back in the spring to do the same show with a different cast.

This may sound redundant, but I can’t tell you of another Enrichment Committee program that has had the reviews that CSA has! So – thank you so very much, for everything. We look forward to a long and happy relationship between CSA and OCS.

Have a great Thanksgiving and keep in touch. Thanks for the brochures and business cards – we’ll put them to good use! We’ll also respond to your request for feedback in the near future.


Sharon Botting,

Teacher and Enrichment Committee Chairperson


Dear Lorrie and Rob,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful week and residency. Your professionalism and abilities were to be admired. Our 5th grade was thrilled with their musical experience primarily because you had made it so entertaining and pain free.

We can’t thank you enough


Martha Elmes,

Lyndon Town School

Lyndon, VT


Dear Rob and Lorrie,

Please know what a special experience your residency was for us at Lyndon Town School this past week. You gave our students an unforgettable experience in so very many ways: teamwork, vision, determination, hard work, confidence, musicianship, stage presence, and so much more. I know each child carries fond memories of the entire week that will last a lifetime.

I learned so much from watching you work with our groups. You are truly expert at bringing out their best! You have my utmost respect and admiration for the way you teach and coach!

All the best to you both.


Mary Holley,

Music Teacher

Lyndon Town School

Lyndon, VT


Dearest Master Merlin and

Madame Troubadour,

Barnstead will never be the same now that you’ve proven yet another enrichment to our lives through our children! Come back again and again! Please remember to include a Barnstead student or two when you are asked to perform at the White House!

Thanx again!

Melissa Clark

(Proud Parent)


Dear CSA,

I want to thank you so much for the fantastic residency you conducted at St. Thomas School. We have heard nothing but praise from the families of the participants in “The Sword Called Excalibur.” I also want to thank you for your patience as we negotiated our way through our first theatre residency.


Lisa Drake

St. Thomas the Apostle School PTO


You were great with the kids, they said they learned a lot and that you were very helpful to them. I really liked how everyone (except the youngest) had at least one word they were responsible for saying by themselves! They know they can do it. There were some really shy kids – but they stepped up to the plate and belted out their part!

Thank You! I really hope we can bring you back next year.

Bonnie Gayder

Floodwood Community Education Coordinator