Premiered 1999


“The Sword Called Excalibur” is a musical comedy based on the legends of young King Arthur’s life. It tells the story of the enchanted sword, its protection from capture and how young Arthur came to claim it as his own.


The play begins as a group of hard working villagers and neighboring forest creatures hail the arrival of the troubadour. The troubadour begins a tale, which magically transports the village back in time. The story comes to life as the young actors take on the roles of wizards and knights. They will become Sir Ector and his subjects, Morgan Le Fay and her scheming partners, young Arthur, young Kay and their trusty dog, Cabal. The play continues with forest creatures teaching Cabal lessons about curiosity, Merlin and his apprentice wizards training Arthur to be king, and a group of bandits living in Sherwood Forest showing Kay a thing or two about fairness. A festival and tournament carry the story to its end when Arthur draws the sword from the stone and is crowned King.


“The Sword Called Excalibur” is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the troubadour and Merlin.


Student roles include: Villagers, Knights and Pages, Wizards, King Uther, Sir Ector, Cabal (the dog), boy hood Arthur, boy hood Kay, Morgan Le Fay, Arsile and Maglore (companions to Morgan Le Fay), Arthur as a young squire, Kay as a young knight, Sherwood Bandits and a group of lively forest creatures played by the youngest actors. All CSA productions provide the opportunity for students to participate behind the scenes, in addition to acting roles, as assistant directors and technical crew.


Students grades K-12 should be encouraged to audition for all roles. Children to age 18 have had great experiences performing in all CSA shows.


Premiered 2000


A favorite Grimm’s fairy tale comes to life on the stage in an original adaptation of “The Fisherman and His Wife”. When Will, the fisherman, catches an enchanted fish it looks as if his luck has changed. The fish offers him the chance to have his dreams come true, but one wish leads to another and Will soon learns that if you have happiness you have everything you need.


“The Fisherman and His Wife” is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the Narrator/Dad and Wife/Narrator.


Student roles include: Emperor’s Subjects, Mayor’s Assistants, Two Magic Fish, Young Willy, Adult Will, Fishermen, a group of bad brothers called the Hooks, the young Prince, and a group of delicate Starfish played by the youngest actors.

Premiered October 2001


A favorite Aesop’s Fable comes to life on the stage in an original musical adaptation of “Androcles and The Lion”. When Androcles, a slave, runs from his miserly masters his troubles begin to mount. Soon he comes face to face with a fierce lion in the forest. He is sure he has met his end. Fortunately a selfless act of kindness frees the lion from pain and gains Androcles a faithful, lifelong friend. Androcles is later captured and punished for his errors. In the exciting finale Androcles is unexpectedly reunited with his devoted lion friend and spared an unhappy ending.


The original comic script and lyrics for “Androcles and the Lion” were written by Rob and Lorrie Gray and the play features an original musical score by Thomas R. Martin.


Androcles and the Lion is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the Players/Narrators.


Student roles include: Miserly Masters, Roman Subjects, Two lions, Young Androcles, Adult Androcles, Roman Soldiers, Slaves, King Caesar, Players and a group of field mice played by the youngest actors.


Premiered November 2002


Oliver Twist is an original musical adaptation of the classic Dickens’ tale of the orphaned boy whose good and sturdy spirit support him through the difficult and exciting times of growing up in Victorian England. Enjoy all the fascinating characters involved in Oliver’s life: the Artful Dodger, Fagin, the menacing Bill Sikes and the kind hearted Nancy. The story follows Oliver from the miseries of the workhouse to the dangerous streets of London where he becomes involved in a plot containing mystery, robbery, and kidnapping. All is resolved when Oliver’s true identity is discovered and he finds a home and happiness with his Great Uncle, Mr. Brownlow.


Oliver Twist is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actors/educators in the roles of Fagin and Mrs. Bedwin.


Student roles include: Londoners, workhouse boys, Fagin’s gang, Oliver, Mr. Brownlow, Mr. Bumble, Mrs. Corney, Bill Sikes, Nancy, the Artful Dodge, Charlie Bates, Rose Maylie, and a group of bats and owls played by the youngest actors.

Premiered July 2004


A new musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s beloved romantic comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. When four friends run away from their problems at home they end up in an even bigger mess in an enchanted forest, inhabited by fairies, sprites and magic flowers. The madness gets even more mixed up when local workmen, practicing a play for the Dukes wedding, stumble into the forest. Mistaken identity and mischievous practical jokes add to the laughs. The end of the play resolves all when the 4 friends return home for the royal wedding of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta, an amazon queen.


Shakespeare’s Midsummer Dream is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the Shakespeare and Titania.


Student roles include: Fairies and Sprites, the Dukes Court, the Four Friends, the Rustics, Duke Theseus, Queen Hippolyta, Oberon – King of the Woodland Folk, Puck – the mischievous sprite and Magic Flowers played by the youngest actors.

Premiered September 2006


International Tour!

Perth, Australia 2009

CSA commissioned this new musical version of the classic fairy tale in 2006. Playwright Don Kukla, (The Fisherman and His Wife) has again penned a funny, enchanting story.


As a Prince comes of age, his doting parents tell him it is time to marry a Princess. No Princess can be found locally, so the Prince must go on a quest. Finding no suitable Princesses, the Prince sadly returns home.


Then on a dark and stormy night, there is a knock at the door and soaked stranger enters the castle and introduces herself as a Princess! The Queen does not believe her and puts her through a test to prove she is a true Princess and worthy of the Prince. Silliness and song carries the story to a happy ending for all.

Premiered August 2007


Set in the frontier town of Royal City, The Emperor’s New Clothes is a new musical telling of the popular tale by Hans Christian Andersen, joined with the spirit of the American West.


While on a world tour the, clothes collecting, Emperor of Snobsylvania and his entourage stop for a visit in the railroad town of Royal City. The citizens of Royal City are star struck by the presence of real honest to goodness royalty and the Emperor is positively enchanted by the wardrobe of the American Cowboy. A pair of no good carpetbaggers take advantage of everyone by posing as tailors to swindle the Emperor by selling him non-existent clothes.


The town is giddy: caught up in the glamour of the royal visit and the antics of the swindlers. Ultimately everyone learns the lessons of standing up against peer pressure and using reason with good judgment to see the truth.