Androcles and the Lion

Premiered October 2001


A favorite Aesop’s Fable comes to life on the stage in an original musical adaptation of “Androcles and The Lion”. When Androcles, a slave, runs from his miserly masters his troubles begin to mount. Soon he comes face to face with a fierce lion in the forest. He is sure he has met his end. Fortunately a selfless act of kindness frees the lion from pain and gains Androcles a faithful, lifelong friend. Androcles is later captured and punished for his errors. In the exciting finale Androcles is unexpectedly reunited with his devoted lion friend and spared an unhappy ending.


The original comic script and lyrics for “Androcles and the Lion” were written by Rob and Lorrie Gray and the play features an original musical score by Thomas R. Martin.


Androcles and the Lion is designed to be performed by approximately 50 student actors with the tour actor/directors in the roles of the Players/Narrators.


Student roles include: Miserly Masters, Roman Subjects, Two lions, Young Androcles, Adult Androcles, Roman Soldiers, Slaves, King Caesar, Players and a group of field mice played by the youngest actors.



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